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2015 Climb Masthead
Elite Division

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Climb to the Top has 25 spots held for Elite Climbers. To qualify for the Elite Division it is strongly suggested that you have competed in two of the below stair climb events. If you are interested in climbing in our Elite Division, please fill out our Elite Division Application today!

If you haven’t participated in the below stair climb events, but still think you should qualify because of other endurance events you have participated in please fill out our application

• Climb to the Top (New York, NY)
• Climb to the Top (Boston, MA)   
• Canada Life CN Tower Climb for WWF (Toronto, Canada) 
• Empire State Building Run-Up (New York, NY) 
• Enbridge CN Tower Stair Climb for United Way (Toronto, Canada) 
• Go Vertical! Chicago (Chicago, IL) 
• Hustle Up the Hancock (Chicago, IL) 
• Leukemia & Lymphoma Big Climb (Seattle, WA) 
• Scott Firefighter Stairclimb (Seattle, WA) 
• Seattle Stair Climb-CF Foundation (Seattle, WA) 
• Step Up for Kids (Chicago, IL) 
• Winding Up the Wachovia (Miami, FL) 

Benefits of being part of the Elite Division:
• Early Start Time 
• First climbers in the stairwell 
• Awards for top finishers

Please contact Abby Grasso at if you have any questions regarding the Elite Division of Climb to the Top.

***Elite Climbers are still required to pay a registration fee and fulfill the fundraising minimum of $250. ***


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