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2015 Climb Masthead 

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Climb to the Top has held 25 spots for military, firefighters and police officers. Once general registration closes to the public, only military personnel, firefighters and police officers can use these spots if they are still available. Climb to the Top will waive the registration fee* for the first 25 military, firefighters and police officers to register for this division. Email to receive the discount code to use when registering.

Firefighters, military personnel and police officers who choose to climb wearing their gear (helmets, boots, etc.) will be given a specific start time so they can climb together. Only firefighters, military personnel and police officers can participate during this start time. If you choose to climb with non-firefighters, a different start time can be requested. To request a different start time please email Start times will be distributed closer to the event.

*** Firefighters, police officers and military personnel are still required to fulfill the fundraising minimum of $250. ***



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