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2015 Climb Masthead
Social Networking

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Digital Downloads | YouTube | Twitter | Fundraise with Facebook


Digital Downloads
Check out our Digital Downloads that you can use to tell others that you are participating in Climb to the Top! Post them on your desktop, Facebook page, personal website, or send out emails.

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Share our "Register Today" and "Donate Today" videos with your friends and family to build your team and fundraising.

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 Climb to the Top 2013 Register Video

Climb to the Top is on Twitter! Follow us @climbMSnyc for training tips, fundraising updates, event details and more. Use the hashtag #climbMS to be part of the conversation!

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Fundraise with Facebook
Climb to the Top has a Facebook application where participants can post their personal fundraising progress on their Facebook page!

Log into your Participant Center and click on the “Fundraise with Facebook” icon. This will bring you to where you will be prompted to enter your username and password.

The Facebook application features for participants are:
  • Donate your profile pictureas a convenient way to remind all of your friends on Facebook that you're participating and raising money for Climb to the Top & the National MS Society.
  • Send a stream story using the "Get the Word Out" feature and make it easier than ever for your friends to support you with a donation. Your friends can click directly on the status update that you send through the application to donate to your efforts!
  • Ask your friends to support you by using one of our pre-written status updates or by creating your own. Your friends can click directly on the status update that you send through the application to donate to your efforts!
  • Thank your donors
  • View your personalized fundraising badge. Your fundraising badge includes a thermometer that keeps track of your fundraising progress, and provides an easy way to check your real-time fundraising status in Facebook. You can easily share your real-time progress with your Facebook Friends!

**To ensure that all donations are properly credited to your account, and are received by the New York City - Southern New York Chapter, be sure to utilize the instructions above. Please call 212-463-9791 if you have any questions about your donations or the application.**

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!