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2015 Climb Masthead

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Current 2015 Top Fundraisers

All participants who raise $1,000 or more by the fundraising deadline of March 31, 2015 will be considered Top Fundraisers. 

Top Fundraiser Prizes and Perks include:

Top Fundraiser Prizes
All participants who reach Top Fundraiser status by March 31 will be eligible to claim a Climb to the Top embroidered fleece:


2015 Climb TF Fleece Ladies

Men's Vest

2015 Climb TF Fleece Mens

Ladies' Vest


Congratulations to our Climb to the Top 2014 Top Fundraisers! View the complete list here.

If you have any questions, please contact Carrie at or call 212-453-3253.


Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!