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Policy for Minors

Policy for Minors

Policy for Climb to the Top Participants Ages 7-11

The New York City - Southern New York Chapter has several requirements for Climb to the Top participants under the age of 12 intended to ensure the safety of young stair climbers and to encourage them to raise funds to create a world free of MS.

All participants must be seven years of age or older on the day of the event and will only be permitted to participate in our Family Division – the last wave of the event. Each individual is required to raise the fundraising minimum of $250 in order to receive a packet containing mandatory event day materials.  

The following requirements apply to all participants between the ages of seven to 11: 

  • All participants ages seven to 11 are required to pay a registration fee and meet the $250 fundraising minimum prior to receiving event day materials.
  • Parent or legal guardian are required to sign a waiver/release of liability form as part of the registration.
  • Authorized guardian and child ratio must be 1:3 (adult must have no more than 3 children to chaperone).
  • Participants between the ages of seven to 11 will only be permitted to start in the Family Division, which is scheduled to be the final start time of the day.
  • Participants between the ages of seven to 11 must be accompanied by an adult, age 21 or older, at all times during the event. The adult who climbs with the participant must be registered for the event and meet the minimum fundraising requirement.
  • If the parent/legal guardian is not climbing with the minor, he/she must be available by phone during the event in case of an emergency. Emergency contact information must be provided as part of registration.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact or 212-463-9791.


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