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Climb to the Top
Prize Information

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes: The benefits to fundraising!

Fundraising for Climb to the Top gives you the personal satisfaction of knowing your efforts are moving us closer to a world free of MS AND gives you the chance to earn some great prizes: 

Event T-shirts:
All participants will receive an event day T-shirt at Climb to the Top. Depending on your fundraising efforts, you may earn one of the following T-shirts:

Early Incentive:
All individuals who raise $300 or more by January 15 will earn our early incentive this year: a runner's wrist wallet.

Post Event Prizes:
All Top Fundraisers (individuals who raise $1,000 or more) and all 2014 Elite 66 Club members (the top 66 individual fundraisers from the 2013 event) will earn a specialty prize.

top fundraiser sport bag       elite race jacket
Top Fundraisers will earn a sport bag.       Elite 66 Club members will earn a race jacket.


Climb to the Top Fundraising Deadline and Rankings
The fundraising deadline for Climb to the Top 2013 is April 5, 2013. The total you have raised by this day will be the amount used to rank your individual and team fundraising efforts. These rankings are used to finalize our Elite 66 Club eligibility for the following year, Top Fundraising Team rewards, and the opportunity to receive prizes. Final rankings will be announced at our Climb to the Top Awards Party and posted online. 

Top Fundraisers
All individuals who raise $1,000 or more make up our elite Top Fundraiser Club. Check out our Top Fundraiser page to view our list of Top Fundraisers and the amazing perks that you can receive.

Elite 66 Club
Our top 66 individual fundraisers from Climb to the Top 2012 make up our 2013 Elite 66 Club. The top 66 individual fundraisers after the fundraising deadline in 2013 will make up our 2014 Elite 66 Club. Aim high and you too can be a member! Click here to see all the perks this elite group of individuals receives throughout the year.
Mission First Club
Participants that choose to donate their prize back are members of the Mission First Club and are appreciated for enabling as much money as possible to go toward the mission of the National MS Society: to create a world free of MS. Click here to view this year's 2012 Mission First Club. THANK YOU to all individuals who donated at least one prize item back. Our total cost savings was close to $7,000!


Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!